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:: Purpose

In PDBK (Plant DNA Bank in Korea), a member of KNRRC (Korea National Resource Research Center), we are collecting the Korean vascular plants and useful plant mainly in East Asia and establishing the genomic DNA Data Base from those plants with its voucher information. Various plant genomic DNAs including about 2,950 domestic species and many foreign species are deposited in PDBK. They included most of Korean endemic, rare, and endangered plant species. The PDBK also housed approximately 22,000 accessions of the purified and concentrated genomic DNA from other countries in East Asia. All the DNA materials are well characterized and handled according to the standard procedures. All DNA accessions are dispended under the material transfer agreement just for research purpose. We dispense approximately 500 accessions of genomic DNAs per year to researchers in various countries. The purity of each DNAs are very high and the quality are monitored randomly by the qualitative and quantitative tests.

:: Key Strains / Studies

In PDBK, we are collecting the Korean vascular plants and useful plants from East Asia and making the genomic DNA from those plant materials. The DNA materials are distributed to the researcher around world.

:: Collection

  • The plant genomic DNAs of 2,950 domestic species and 3,000 foreign species.
  • A total of 22,000 accessions of purified DNAs
    • Most of Korean endemic, rare, and endangered plant species
    • Plant genomic DNAs of Northeast Asian useful species
    • A large numbers of DNA materials can be deposited inn small space
    • Sampling by the phylogenetic relationship and genetic diversity
    • Good quality genomic DNA Plant leave tissues also deposited after extracted the DNA

:: Dispensing procedure

  • All voucher information are available from PDBK home pages
  • Download the material transfer agreement(MTA) form website and filling the form and then submitted to PDBK through web or by e-mail.
  • PDBK dispense the DNAs with the data of qualitative and quantitative analysis of DNA.

:: Outcomes

  • PDBK dispense more than 500 accessions of DNA to various scientists around world per year.
  • PDBK also plays critical role to developing the standard plant DNA barcode markers to the world scientific community.
  • A DNA barcode for land plants, PNAS 106(31): 12794-12797.
  • PDBK provide a comprehensive information for the plant genomic DNAs, voucher information, collection information and plant images in a single site.
  • PDBK has many DNA for important economic plants.

:: Expected Contributions

  • PDBK is the one of largest plant genomic DNA bank in the world.
  • PDBK will speed up the research process on the field of plant science and related area.
  • PDBK perform a central role in the world plant DNA network